Ebola returns to DR Congo amid Covid-19 outbreak

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On Friday the World Health Organisation announced a new Ebola case from the town of Beni, with the patient becoming the first person to contract and subsequently die from the virus in more than 50 days. The death of a second victim treated at the same facility, was reported later on Sunday. Facing the threat of two different viruses has left already-weary doctors fearful for what’s to come.

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Tina Field says:

Oh now 2020 really sucks because we have murder Hornets and covid19 and now Ebola

Darius Villa says:

Whats even more ironic is thay the SARS-CoV-2 virus that is behind the coronavirus pandemic, shares some of the same genetic components as Ebola. The Ebolavirus is actually one of the fusion components for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, alongside with HIV and SARS viruses.

Jami Hensley says:

You get Ebola from eating bush meat and then passing infection on right?

Socrates says:

Ebola + Corona + Cholera + measles + maybe also locust plague coming from East Africa

WilMar says:

WTF. How can there are new Ebola outbreak at the same time as Covid19.
Someone has planned this pandemic.

Jimnesstar Lyngdoh Nonglait says:


DR says:

This is the Start only. Earth fight back to get ride of this humans. Humans are destroyer. They will get bill.

Vik Z says:

Man, this is bloody sad.

Fact Check says:

How convenient
I’d be extremely aware of who’s in Africa as a black person.
Seriously the Covid didn’t do the job now all of a sudden this?

Mega Varenik says:


Angel Reed says:

They need to spray disinfectant in the US. There is a disinfectant that last three months on surfaces.

AKD says:

Silent suffering of animals being killed brutally forces them to produce deadly viruses

ericb950 says:

4 months in…goodness…what do you want 2020?

El Flaco says:

Stop eating wild bush meat and close those wet markets 🤦🏾‍♂️

Joe Meow says:

What terrible timing for another outbreak, not that Ebola is acceptable anytime. I just hope there are enough doctors there to address this.

eyemall ears says:

Spraying the road? Seems like a huge waste

gabriel ripoll fernandez says:

Gracias y saludos cordiales desde Mallorca para vosotros France 24 English

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