Ebola patient’s son speaks out

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Jeremy Writebol, son of Ebola patient Nancy Writebol, speaks with Michaela Pereira about his mother’s current condition.


paul castaneda says:

Dislike this video now

paul castaneda says:

Everyone dislike this shit

TITAN2112 says:

This shit looks pretty amusing to this guy….

BoxingHacker says:

The lady ask how hard it was to make that decision to take a mystery antidote. Well it was simple . She was dieing and needed a cure. What kind of dumb question was that.they need to go and cure the people of africa

Eddie Leon says:

if she were here in new york she be dead. thats how bad the system is here

Sleepingmonster says:

"Teaching people not get sick but she got sick." o.O

Diademglo says:

missionarys always seem to bring a bunch of problems back…Ah, mom woulda died without the treatment, thats how she decided.

garbageday99 says:

I don't believe anything until I see nancy herself doing an interview

Austin Lane says:

Definitely the face of a liar.

elcesardekabrones says:

Y cnn spends so much time on ebola??

J Doe says:

What about the dr?

Bafoon33 says:

don't have headphones so can't listen to this video but he has the face of a liar >.> CNN is nothing but fake news

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