Ebola Patent Found: Obama Signs Executive Order Including Symptoms of Ebola & has it hit the U.S.?

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Here is the link that goes with the post (all links referenced in the video can be found there at the bottom of the post): http://b4in.info/acB3


vajrayogini37 says:

Ebola is man made contagion, and being used to attack people.  They will just lift and quarantine anyone they don't like, or any town city or state.  This is power betond reason.  Ebola is an excuse coming to a country near you and they will declare marshall law. There are so many of us being blackmailed into accepting their false media lies, and their fear mongering.  The diseases of the elite and establishment people is one that definitely needs quarantined, from decent people, and then we will all take our chances with mother nature.  She will be more compassionate.

Lynn Nance says:

What you fail to say is this an amendment to the order Bush signed with SARS

James .Withey says:

I believe that it is already here by design, carried by illegals. I have no proof of this, I just don't trust them. 

deec269 says:

silver colloidal ~ look it up, buy it or the machine on amazon and use it. Too many Evil ones in control of our lives.
Thanks for this. Pass this on folks. Extreme information. 


Obama is muslim brotherhoodvand infected the children crossing the border..then signed the order..obama about to jihad usa

Amberlodge1 says:

Another great video. Thank Lisa

Whiskey nWine says:

You can find more of Lisa Haven in 'Before It's News'


The Rabbit Hole (Facts and Theories)

Johnny Roush says:

Thank God for you Lisa, a voice in the dark speaking light. May God bless you and His hands cover you, protect you and your family in Jesus name Amen

Richard Hood says:

It is Georgia because that is where the CDC has its central headquarters and it is one of like 4 level 5 containment units in the US. I wish they would have used the one at Ft Meade.

Darlene DeSilva says:

A member of the WHO said it is air borne…..

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