Ebola outbreak spreads to DR Congo’s north-eastern region

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The Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo has spread to the north-east — raising fears of more deaths. The outbreak has proved difficult to contain because of the presence of armed groups, creating insecurity in affected areas. The DRC Health Ministry says the disease has claimed 49 lives so far.

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Peter Terwilliger says:

But seriously, it should be clear by now, that for every African life lost.
With the use of your biological weapon's ,or by other means,
The program will " take" ten of yours………,
For every one black life,
For now.

Peter Terwilliger says:

Benaiah Anamadinejad,
I would try hoping that the " GMO" disease " engulf" your entire family. But since as a clone you don't have one ,
I would be wasting my time ,
On a waste of time ,
That has nothing better to do ,
Than waste time.

Benaiah Ahmadinejad says:

Hoping it engulfs the entire continent. 🙏

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