Ebola nurse defies quarantine order

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The nurse fighting a quarantine order says she won’t let officials violate her civil rights.Kaci Hickox says she’s completely healthy and symptom-free after treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone.Health officials in Maine say that’s not good enough.They are said to be in the process of filing a court order forcing Hickox to stay home. For more information please visit http://www.hlntv.com/video/2014/10/30/ebola-nurse-defies-quarantine-order-maine


Shaun Golden says:

You want to help people, first step is helping your self. Do your 21 days to make sure your safe and your surroundings. Unless your scared of the out come.
I have a family I want protected not put at risk, not saying your the cause of the infection in the United States but your not helping us any by going against us.
Personally the ones in Africa that are from the states can stay there.
It's all opinions in this case, but you wouldn't be welcome back we (United States) need to worry about our country and our problems not others.

OldManWilkins says:

Stuborn careless lady, do everyone a favor, do the 21 days, its not 100% that she is safe. She deserves to be put in dark room for 1 year for being a spoiled brat! had to be a single kid when growing up!

Ed Jenkins says:

Dam Bitch cares more for someone in other Countries than She does for Her own people here. She is the one that wanted to go there and She should stay in Her self made place for 21 days. If someone should catch EBOLA because of this stupid Bitch then She should be tried for MURDER. If anyone from My family should get it from Her She would not LIVE two seconds.One one hand she seams to want to help others and the other hand she does not care for anybody. YOU KNOW THERE IS NO CURE FOR STUPID AND SHE HAS A BAD CASE OF IT.

babz says:

Hope you really do have it you selfish bitch

BeardedCIam says:

Fucking Drama Queen.

StinkFingerr says:

This known leftist political activist is trying to pick a pre-election fight with republican governors & officials.She is hoping to be dragged away kicking & screaming on camera.
To the Left,EVERYTHING is political.

kbar says:

Hahaha.. Show the state just how weak they are!

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