Ebola Not Yet International Health Emergency, WHO Says

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The World Health Organization said Friday that an outbreak of the Ebola virus in two countries in Central Africa is not yet an international health emergency. The virus spread across international boundaries for the first time from Congo to Uganda, where three people have died.

The Congolese Health Ministry says another child has died of Ebola, bringing the death toll to three within the same family that had recently traveled from Congo to Uganda.

The 3-year-old boy died as he was being brought to Congo for medical treatment. His 5-year-old brother and their grandmother already had died from the disease.

The children’s mother and father along with an infant sibling are still battling the disease, which has left more than 1,400 people dead since August.

The victims contracted Ebola from the children’s grandfather, a pastor who died in late May.

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not yet, but george soros is sure trying to get it into the continental us.

D'oro Life says:

Wow… of course they will say “not a national concern “ they don’t have the money to help! Dr. Michael Ryan is drawing while people are dying. What a fuckin joke these people are


than why are billionaires forcing open borders like george soros…????

we have congo africans in texas???!??!

how did they travel to mexico if they were "poor refuges'???

im sick of these third world idiots, RUNNING AWAY from their problems, than MAKING MORE!

and what makes it worse, BILLIONAIRES ARE HELPING THEM.

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