Ebola Math Models Predict Grim Death Tolls As EVD Spreads

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Cries for help continue to rise along with the death toll from Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in West Africa. Dr. Lee Norman with The University of Kansas Hospital explains the math and the next steps as efforts to contain the spread EVD accelerate.


Daniel Phaladi says:

In all your scientific mathematical modelling, never take the Hand of God out.  When it comes to things like human lives, God is very mnuch in control.  In the year 1998, i was reading a book projecting by mathematicians and statistics that with the rate HIV was growing in my country, by 2010, they predicted that the entire black population would have been wiped out.   Well, the black population was about 33 million then.  Today its 2014, the black population is about 37 million.  An increase of 4 million people, so the moral of the story is, by no means, go ahead with the models, and all the theory, but God is in control.  You suggest by year end a minimum of 70 000 cases.  It depends what God says.  We could have 15 000 cases by year end.. or we could have 200 000 cases. thanks

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