Ebola Is Coming and the U.S. Gov’t Screwed Up Treatment

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Sept. 24 (Bloomberg) — ZMapp is a treatment for Ebola that uses human antibodies to create an immunity to the virus. The treatment has been given to some Ebola victims and is credited with saving lives. But there have been no large clinical trials of ZMapp yet. Bloomberg Businessweek’s Brendan Greeley explains how government bureaucracy stymied efforts to develop and test ZMapp. Video by: Kelly Buzby, David Yim, Stephanie Davidson.

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Willem Tijssen says:

When the first cases of Ebola were reported in the deep forest of West Africa, the general feeling of the public was that this was so far away from their surroundings that they did not have to fear. It would be tackled before reaching them. They just didn’t take it serious, even laughed about it, and in clubs kids made the Ebola-dance, touching each other with the twist of the hip. Now, half year later, Ebola entered the capitals of the Mano River Union and thousands of innocent victims died – victims of illiteracy and ignorance. The clubs are empty and a whole economy collapsed. Actually one cannot blame them as they were not sensitized in time. Now we have to treat the symptoms because we forgot to prevent the disease. Let this be a bitter lesson to the rest of the world.
Does the rest of the world understand the danger that is lurking at them?
The answer is NO. Too many are Africa-tired, they are fed-up with the problems of Africa, and think that Ebola is an African thing that cannot touch them. Exactly the same ignorance we saw half year ago in West Africa. Be assured that when this “box of Pandora” further opens, Ebola will not only rage over Africa but all over the globe. Imagine what happens if extreme terrorist start a biological Ebola-war. They are capable to do so. Didn’t we learn from the brutal attack on the Twin Towers in New York September 11? The terrorists prepared themselves in the middle of the American society and nobody knew. These same people are prepared to die for their cause with the intention to kill millions of innocent people. They are able to silently infiltrate in society, hide as sleeping cells, inject themselves with Ebola and crawl from under their rock into the masses at Times Square or in the underground when the symptoms arise. What do they have to loose – their lives? That is exactly their mission, and when captured they know they will get the best possible medical treatment there is. When this horror scenario becomes a reality it will cause total panic and chaos. That is the cynical paradox of the present development in society when we underestimate the danger of “far from my bed shows”.
And yet, the world is still healing the symptoms and forgets to prevent. Before it’s too late, the global community has to be warned, informed and educated. That is our strongest argument for a Global Awareness Tour from the Bucket Ebola Attack Team. Learn from the past to save the future. Take Africa serious as they are used to suffer but the question is "Can the rest of the world Handle It to suffer too?". They need Africa for its natural and human resources and Africa needs the rest of the world to survive. West Africa did not know anything about the danger that was coming but the rest of the world can now because Africa is generously reaching the world a tool. Grab it with 2 hands before it is too late, and …DON'T FORGET AFRICA – DON’T DENY US. If the world cannot help Africa it victimizes itself. The choice is yours’.
No matter who you are – what religion, race, caste or gender – no matter where you live, you have the right to be warned in time. Help us in our mission and start acting because God has no time. We have, and are ready, willing and able.

Michelina Burchett says:

Personally, I am opposed to the American government to allow to bring into the United States patients infected with the Ebola virus

Herlinda Raley says:

The Ebola virus is a scourge for all of Africa. America, under the guise of noble action, invades in Africa with personal goals 

Trena Hodge says:

I am not surprised by such a thought. Wherever there is America, everything gets worse

Mark Kempton says:

They don't know how to pay for the cheque either. Other than borrowing yet more money from other countries.

RAMKING61 says:

This is utter nonsense.  
See Truthstreammedia.

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