Ebola: In Praise of Prevention

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In Praise of Prevention is the second in a three-video series produced by Chocolate Moose Media to help combat the Ebola epidemic in West Africa in 2014/15. It carries on after the death of the teenaged boy in the first video Ebola: A Poem For The Living


continues to offer advice for preventing the disease. The soundtrack was sung by Grammy-Award winning international singer/songwriter Angelique Kidjo. The third in the series – Beyond Survival


deals with re-integrating Ebola survivors back into mainstream society.


Humorous BG says:


Sid The Jovian says:

Can't believe there's no cure for Ebola yet. It's a very sad truth.

Sid The Jovian says:

The intro sounds like an opening to Tool's song

Coby’s Videos says:

This so sad waaaaaaaaaa

Margarita Rivera says:

way does the mokey has a evil face 🙉+👧👨👩👴👵👶👱=death💀

Sangeetha Robin says:

Her brother died by that virus am I

safuraabu42 says:

This video Is stupid ebola isn't evil will we should suck the big a** up with a pall that is long to stick up their big a**

Shavon Gomer says:

This is sad I am glad I'm not born in Africa wash your hands

The Critter Crew says:

My Eyes are tearing up when i saw that poor baby my heart broke 💔

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