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A doctor working for Doctors Without Borders in West Africa has tested positive for Ebola in New York City. If there was worldwide plague, at one point would you consider bugging in.

Source: Doctors Without Borders physician in NYC tests positive for Ebola

Ebola in Sierra Leone increasing to rate of more than 20 deaths per day


citizen-x says:

The panic is mainly because the American people have no faith in the current administrations competence to manage any type of problem effectively, and Obama has lost a lot of credibility by constantly making speeches about something , then proved later that he did not know what he was talking about,  

Eric B says:

put snow tires on the rear of your van

gablia2002 says:

your reaction is like most people….aarrrr eehhh aaaaa…….how f@#$ing stupid is the gov…..that is all.

Roofcat_Strikes_Back says:

Each instance of ebola case in the states has been the result of negligence on the part of someone who has knowingly been near the virus. It would be nice to see people take some personal responsibility. Ideally, westerners should stay out of Africa until the epidemic is contained. I empathize deeply with the desire to lend a hand to the afflicted areas. In reality, there is no use attempting to help Africans until more Africans are willing and able to help themselves. I found the Vice documentary on Ebola to be very revealing of west African attitudes towards the virus.

Loan Wolf says:

Ebola is a tool of population control, and may slide us into martial law! That may sound extreme, but these are crazy times were in!

S1080S says:

He monitored himself and once he was able to detect signs of sickness he immediately took precautions and call appropriate authorities. Really just have to do some research and see that the paranoia  just being escalated by people spreading misinformation and fear. Just like 9/11 this misinformation and fear will allow the government to strip more rights away as people scream "restrict travel" and "monitor people". Because you think it will affect them and not you. But you will quickly blame the current President or who ever and the only person to blame will be yourselves again.  

Sidney Boudro says:

Dem cad aren't you happy you are in the country now? We have to wait 3 weeks to find out if he spread Ebola on his joy ride on subways taxi cabs and his run. Watch NY for people dying. 
If you can support your self without leaving your houses most of us can't do that. When do you only go out covered by a sheet is the question. When Ebola is in your community.

preelenede says:

I've been having this discussion. As a doctor he shld have known better and the CDC shld have quarantined him prior to allowing him back, just as a precaution. That agency has failed us!!!!

oneagring says:

demC there is no emergency

PawlDunken says:

America is going to be destroyed by way of nuclear destruction

PawlDunken says:

Come back home here In Michigan lol! When SHTF you'll be closer to Canada that's where my group heading eventually

jerrylittlemars says:

How to know when to lock yourself in? Well I got the Ebola Tracker app on my phone (its free in the Google Play store), and if Ebola get's within 60 miles of me, I'm not going out for a loooong time.

mallen4000 says:

Okay boys and girls,what if i told you that there is a cure and the pharmacutecall companies are holding out for the highest bidder, and Africa was out bid because they dont have anyway to pay for it .There is a cure and there is away to treat it.We have the facilities and treatment centers in place, and most of all . we can pay. Africa is and always was a test lab for diseases like Ebola and the black plague just to name a few .Sorry Demcad,you dont get to dig a hole somewhere  and pretend to bug out .

Robbie says:

It's OK… The govt is going to get REALLY serious about this now.

Christopher Taylor says:

     This New Yorker probably wanted to live.  Better medical equipment and treatment.

sweetlipss84 says:

it has already gone airborne clearly..and it spreads faster in cold weather. NYC of all places..that doctor should of stayed in africa somewhere in the hills lol then he comes back here, on the A train, goes out to eat then bowling?? come on.. 3 major news channel are not going to do the elections..alot of bad things are to come after this election..obama care will cost $200 a month  rather than $99 this year..releasing 20,000 inmates  from prisons in each state in order to make more room for the new ones..thumb printing in order to renew your drivers license..oh yeah.. its going to be slave country for real.. doesnt matter if he wins or loses..obama is going out with a bang. 

veritasfiles says:

Reggie, just get some chains for your tires, and see if you can get the old "studded" snowtires for your van.  Unless you're driving up 15 feet and it's very steep, you should be okay for a season just using chains.  Make sure you have emergency communication, extra clothing, blankets, batteries, flashlights, etc… in your van.

veritasfiles says:

A true pandemic lockdown would require a state of emergency being declared.  It would also require large parts of the population being banished to their homes for between 30 to 90 days.  A travel ban would be a good idea, but it would have to be backed up by a military border shutdown and regular humanitarian flights delivering food, fuel supplies, and emergency personnel to the affected areas.

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