Ebola In America

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Why bring a deadly virus into an environment that it doesn’t already exist in?


LaShell P says:

You ain't never lied!

Onebercon 95 says:

Oh shit if it spreads in the hospital then the streets were all going to die :0

hottnessfarra says:

Unfortunately I work at that hospital :-(

don710 says:

Yea they could've treated him or did examination where he passed instead of spreading and moving him places to places but aye did you guys realize in the past 2 months there were over 6 deadly plane crash please tell me all this isn't no accident lol sup G long time no see

4390100 says:

Here's another side, could it be the agenda is on course, you just know all these do gooders really care, you know like the Bill Gates crowd, etcetera…..  EBOLA OUTBREAK: Drug Companies Criticised & West African LOCKDOWN   maybe their too busy making Viagra and other necessary drugs, like easy to make hair grow to make all us bald headed old farts look better. How can the drug companies make a lot of money investing in poor isolated African countries, perhaps it's follow the money or the investments to see where the real money making interest are. After all they make a ton of cash selling expensive Cancer cures that kill as fast as the disease, or keep you alive just long enough to make sure you have to sell your home to buy their drug.

ThomasPaine3 says:

Who are the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse again?

4390100 says:

As far as it concerns Africa, a kind of an anti thesis to the present Ebola scare is located here…..     https://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2014/08/02/ebola-covert-op-in-a-hypnotized-world/

JON DOE says:

The gov is capable of almost any evil these days, so it stands to reason why people would believe they want a pandemic. But that could also back fire on them in allot of ways and they well know that, so you can rest assure they don't want to spread this virus. What they really want and are very good at is for the population to panic. They want us to feel scared all the time not knowing what to believe. So far they are batting 1000 there. The only way to not be sucked into their manipulation is to believe in something you know is real and has a track record to back it up. For me its Christ.
But for those that don't know what to trust, at the least know what not to trust and that's our government. Not even the benefit of doubt to the few you might think can be trusted. Its actually the most healthy thing a citizenry can do. 2nd only to seeking Gods blessing that is.

Danny Baker says:

The media is trying to scare us to death about Ebola.You could cross an ocean on a plane with people infected with Ebola and not get it at all.It is horrible once you get it but it's kind of hard to get.You have to trade bodily fluids to get this disease so stop worrying.Maybe they are trying to distract us from the horrible economy.Ebola is not on my radar of things to worry about.

Seouldrift7 says:

i'm freaking out man 

Kimberly Rav says:

AGREE 100%, they said DESPITE using precautions and I mean the doctors wearing those protective suits and using disinfectant, they still contracted it…ok they say you can only get it from bodily fluid contact. Ok I am sure these doctors didnt take their gloves off to play in poop or sweat, they wear head gear if one sneezes, so then HOW HOW HOW did they get the virus? 2 of them? They said despite using all of these protective things, this is terrible.

Montre Bible says:

i JUST made a video abuut this

elsquibbs says:

I had a leftist tell me it's "fear and hate" not to want to bring these infected people back here.

darthsideous1968 says:

God bless You! And I agree!

jepst41 says:

This! What the HELL are they thinking?!?!?

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