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Disease surveillance teams on the ground in Sierra Leone, trying to find Ebola victims and bring them to makeshift hospitals. Villagers are afraid of the disease detectors, because most people who go to the hospital never return. Victims are hiding in their homes and infecting their families. This is an intimate look at one family’s devastating struggle with Ebola.

Watch “Inside Ebola Hospital in West Africa” – http://youtu.be/LFC211NUajg

Watch “Ebola Outbreak” – http://to.pbs.org/1r4Ttmz

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slick67cuda says:

And African Americans have the audacity to complain about living in the United States. If anything, whites (indirectly through slavery) saved blacks from living in a cesspool of disease like Monrovia. Indeed, African Americans should be overwhelmingly grateful they don't have to endure this disturbing, abysmal existence. Also, where are all the African American health professionals? Why are they not going to Monrovia like their white counterparts? It seems like the only doctors traveling to Liberia are white. What's up with that? And yet African Americans have the nerve to call whites "devils" and "heathens." ­čĄö´╗┐

Abigail Guzman says:

God will gather all his abilities and make Ebola disappear from the world praying right now´╗┐

mehek a says:

God bless this guy´╗┐

Sarah Doe says:

If her immune system fought the ebola why don't they use her blood to help immunize others? Once you have ebola and live the person will not get it again because it┬áis coded within the┬áimmune system, which, if injected into others, will allow their immune system to┬áovercome the virus without fatal result. Of course it is based on theory, but one that would have been worth testing on┬áFallah.´╗┐

Lone432345 says:

I feel sorry that his boys don't have a father. Fallah seemed like a decent guy. Its too bad what happened to him. But at least they still have their Mother.´╗┐

steve00055 says:

VOMITING BLOOD ┬á ?????? ┬á ┬á HE'S DEAD ┬á…. ┬á i new that before they reviled the fact….
and when he walked away he looked fucked up…he could barely walk…i'm sure he was shitting blood also….´╗┐

Porsche Luttrell says:

I am praying´╗┐

Patricia Harrison says:

when fallah died I almost cried´╗┐

Harriet Mj says:

prayings for them´╗┐

Lizz Marzz says:

:( blessings to this fam┬á´╗┐

armytaskforce11x says:

best way to fight ebola,shut down all flights from west africa. France and Italy has done it so should the US and Canada.STAY AWAY FROM AFRICA.´╗┐

kevin carrion says:

Why do afircans have the same shape of their heads? like i mean really there all the same´╗┐

kevin carrion says:

If u want your children to come with you then just touch them with your finger like ET and there´╗┐

kevin carrion says:

We wouldnt have ebola in afircan if afircans did shit everywhere they go´╗┐

kevin carrion says:

WHen they said if you get a fevor or anything call us i though they had no phones?´╗┐

kevin carrion says:

Afircans houses are like my play ground houses´╗┐

kevin carrion says:

Why is there so many wrinkles on afircans faces?´╗┐

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