EBOLA: How Dangerous Is It?

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U.S. worries deepen.


mystic says:

Don't trust news people, they are told exactly what to say from higher power. They do this to reduce panic, the death rate is 90% and it is airborne

American says:

But there is no cure for this disease

pryncessable says:

Not to panic but BE CAREFUL and WASH YOUR HANDS  WITH HOT WATER AFTER TOUCHING SURFACES IN PUBLIC PLACES!  It can be spread through tears, nasal fluids. 

BellinghamsterTrail says:

All we need to know is our own government is bringing it to our homeland just like they are bringing all the sick and dangerous illegals and spreading them to every state in the Union.  In fact hundreds of the illegals Obama is bringing here are from countries effected by Ebola. It is intentional and bad news because it is all orchestrated. 

Patrick Pepin says:

So much BS and downplay to confuse people.

arronlee33 says:

I would like to recommend eating more Ginger, Garlic, Onions & Spring Onions as they'll keep you healthy. :-)
I eat them frequently & would like to share with all of you. :->
Of course, please eat them moderately. :-]

Joe Cusack says:

This guy is a fucking IDIOT!!!! 

Conrad Genio says:

not only bodily fluids, they said it can also spread thru air, google it.

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