Ebola: How Contagious is the Virus?

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Ebola is a highly contagious virus, but only if you come into contact with certain bodily fluids of those infected. What do scientists know about how it’s transmitted? WSJ’s Jason Bellini has #TheShortAnswer.

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Arcadio 238 says:

why did they use a black guy for a person who has been infected by ebola

oldickeastman says:

The CDC is systematically concealing the fact that Ebola in the bloodstream is contagious as long as two and a half weeks before the first symptom

Adrix Marin says:

Only Negers in the video!! hahaha
Alguien noto que solo son negros en el video? :p

getfitafter50 says:

Lets look at the real world petri dish. It seems the transmissibility is high enough to have killed many thousands thus far. 

Karen Lee says:

Agenda 21 n w o. I Gus you can bet the rich already have a cure and the government obama to every one that has real money and let the rest die sorry phone is crap

PrankingBrothers says:

I swear that I have those symptoms but it isn't ebola :p

15heartz says:


100crawma says:

you are being lied to

Sam Owens says:

The general consensus in the media about ebola is wrong! wrong, wrong, wrong! I read the scientific literature on ebola and UNLIKE the flu, cold, cruse ship bugs, and HIV that can ONLY infect very specific cells in your body like the flu which only infects ciliated epithelial cells in your airways and nothing else…Ebola can infect EVERY cell in your body!! Every cell, every living cell except your bones can be infected by ebola. An infected person will have billions, with a B, billions of viruses in every drop of bodily fluids. Shaking a sweaty hand can infect your dermis (lower skin) with ebola which will then spread to the rest of your body leading to a cytokine storm and internal, external bleeding and death. No one is talking about this fact. Ebola has an R0 factor lager than the flu.

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