Ebola-Fearing Fox News Host Schooled By Public Health Official

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You need to watch Fox News host Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s Ebola fear mongering shut down by a public health official…

This clip from the Majority Report, live M-F at 12 noon EST and via daily podcast at http://Majority.FM

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seanviv2 says:

She's so dumb it's ridiculous.

Justin Hopkins says:

Conservatives are looking for any excuse to close down the border. Always.

kiwi says:

yay another vid of a american showing the stupidity of another american keep em coming AMERICA.( If your american do u hav to be a scientist to have a understanding of the world)

beer hangover says:

@LeonShepard He literally just explained why that's impractical and would have the opposite effect. Like seriously you just listened to the explanation and you still don't understand. You must be stupid. (definition of stupid = incapable of learning or understanding.)

beer hangover says:

"no one who has a heart would let a group of people suffer alone, like I just suggested we should do, 10 seconds ago.." "how about we partially isolate them" ……….

Chris S says:

FOX should change their slogan from "Fair and Balanced" to "Our favorite color is CLEAR"

liaison dangereuse says:

love these titles where FOX is schooled by someone xD

Jerry Meyer says:

That logo behind him looks like a football helmet.

Betsy Madden says:

Ebola virus was recently found in eye sleepers of cured patients.  Cured patients are now being advised not to engage in sexual contact.  I'll be very interested to see how long it takes to be fully free of the disease.

NezihBouali says:

Fox News Model*


Typical hot blonde, with something I dont even think you could call a brain. lol

Daniel Mark says:

This woman's qualification is in shoe making. How is she qualified to question public health officials?

wakeup says:


Andy Sanchez says:

The exchange between Elisabeth Hasselbeck (former softball player and tennis shoe designer) and Dr. Fauci (the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) may be the trippiest video I've ever seen.  Holy Christ, Elisabeth!  You really should spend more time educating yourself instead of having your hair done.  This was blatant disrespect for someone that knows what the F they are talking about.  Kudos to Sam Seder for posting this.  Wow!!  rolling my eyes……….

giancarlo stanton says:

Fox News is my favorite sitcom.

navythomas8 says:

This is just another dickwad that doesnt answer comments.

Anthony Martinez says:

Hasselbeck is a such fear monger moron for the fox media propaganda machine!

island travel says:

This kind of stupid fear mongering is what has damaged this country. Isolation only does tons of damage and just like prohibition people will find other ways to get what they want, need, and find ways to procure WE'RE FOX well he's a doctor who do you think I'm going to for medical advise 

sausageman says:

Fox denies reality? Usually, but they DO seem to understand what Islam is all about, unlike yourself. What's that tell you when the right-wing nutjob network calls it more like it is than you? Time for a reassessment perhaps.. maybe drop the ideological looking glass?

Bolgernow says:

Benghazi, ISIS, Ebloa…thanks Odummer! Jeeeez, FOX is killing the TeaOP faster
than elections. Which is another thing. Remember this mid-term to VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kenny says:

So if they restrict the flight travel to those affected countries to just medical personnel/medical supplies only  for the time being. I dont see how that doesnt make sense. Its preventing other possible cases of people like Duncan getting out and spreading the virus. 

deanosumo says:

4:23 watch Hasslebeck die a little inside

BramSLI1 says:

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is proof that the human brain doesn't actually need oxygen in order to function. Of course I'm using the loosest possible meaning for the term "function". This clip was as funny as it was frightening. It's frightening because I know that we have elected officials that are still wondering why we don't just seal off our borders.

LeonShepard says:

I'm not sure why restricting flights to and from these affected countries is a problem? I see no problem only allowing flights that consist of medical staff, supplies into these countries.

Fuck it, lets keep it all open and see what happens. there's fuck all worth watching on tv these days and I'm bored with this ISIS coverage

gene hensley says:

Ebola is a curse from God for all the propaganda that's FOX News has been spreading over the years for their sins and lies Fox News should let their studios be leased out to the government far Ebola quarantine stations

asdfxcxv says:

I don't see how this "keep blackies out of USA" is gonna be a winning talking point.  You can really feel the vacuum of effective talking points since Rove left the White House

jag10 says:

Quarantine Ebola patients in hospitals in Africa = good medicine
Closing Israel and European borders to Ebola = good medicine.

Quarantine Ebola patients to hospitals in America = bad medicine
Closing American borders to Ebola = bad medicine.

Who the hell does this corrupt, slimy, clown doctor represent – the pharmaceutical industry?

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