Ebola Effects vs The lPurge (UpTown Mafia/The Qriginals)

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zMurder8MC pick up BST, he tried to kill Zaiko and dont kill himself
#DontCallMeOut1v1 Probe mad


Delixsz Og says:

Como se llama la cansion

Insulated Soul says:

Kartel De Santa 👌

Hijo Desano says:

intro song????

xHOPEz says:

Looool Why So much hate 😂😂

Young Prodiqy TM says:

GsShit 😍😍

Atlanticz TDM says:

xtdm all mad and shit lmaooo

x Vanity z says:


x LOGICz says:

aaa rata copiona wakala

xZAIKOz says:

Andan bien ardidos

Raw Keys says:


MHP says:

And also, if you are a good shooter and you don't like UTM feel free to message me on Xbox – M11xCLAWINGzA1

MHP says:

I'm going to say this and leave it like this, Gasai put Ebola Effects up when it was just me and when it happens to y'all everybody want to cry and use a dislike bot on this video. But check this out that TDM was all xtdm and UTM but we already beat UTM and now we beat xtdm and the weak ass purge. Y'all know if it was y'all you would be saying the same thing. But I'm not here to agure what happened happened hmu for the slaughter I'll be happy to hand it out. Goodbye ~ GHUSHING

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