Ebola Conscious

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Video in Sierra Leone Krio. Can be understood by most English speakers.

Ebola Conscious:
Preventing the spread of the Ebola virus, learning about the disease, symptoms and creating awareness.

Innocence Lost Foundation

Produced by: Keita Fazineh
Written by: Ava Vanderstarren
Directed by: Keita Fazineh
Camera 1: Keita Fazineh
Camera 2: Nathan Stafford
Camera 3: Ava Vanderstarren
Music by: Keita Fazineh
Edited by: Keita Fazineh

Keita Fazineh
Ava Vanderstarren
Nathan Stafford
Ayandre Wright

Photos courtesy of: Murtala Mohamed Kamara

Fazinery Visions

Thank-you for watching. God bless Africa.

Love Ava & Fazineh


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