Ebola Cases Triple as WHO Says "Large Outbreaks are New Normal"

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The WHO is nuts: http://archive.is/tZSTF
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Nostra Fn Damus says:

My prediction – we're going to throw large amounts of money on "awareness campaigns" and various other vague initiatives and that money will siphon itself off into various non profit directors pockets. Calling it now.

John Orr says:

And Trump does nothing to stop the scum coming in. Impeach that mother fucker.

Andrew Steel says:

Yay, Ebola & mass illegal migration – I'm ready to head for the hills.

Anonymous Anonymous says:

Pig Ebola! The Biggest Animal Disease Outbreak Of All Time Is Going Out-Of-Control

my view says:

Quarantine use to be a thing

Jamie Shulzhenko says:

There is nothing unexpected here, given the current situation, is common sense to close all borders from African immigration, but the opposite is happening.
The purpose of this is to spread famine and disease everywhere.

Healthy populations are not profitable.

The Coconut Cabbie says:

British news actually reported… I saw it in a YouTube video off another guy I was walking passed… I think… so we can relax.

Tesla Kuhn says:

The movie "Contagion" keeps rearing it's ugly head in my thoughts.

Robert Mcgee says:

Aren't things like Ebola the reason families there have 10+ kids they can't feed? They don't expect them all to make adulthood.

nexus169 says:

Great, now that it's mutated to spread faster, can someone go import some into South Africa?

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