Ebola 101: Natural Prevention Strategies

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With the spread of the Ebola Virus, what does it take to build up your body’s defense against sickness?

Dr. Anuprao Mulakaluri, a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, describes specific techniques for you to strengthen your immune system.

(Since this was filmed on Halloween, take a guess at what costume Dr. Anuprao is wearing and which football player’s jersey Gunny is wearing. Hint: Dr. Anuprao’s costume represents bodily defense and Gunny’s the offensive skills of a great quarterback)

If you want to see Dr. Anuprao in action with this costume: http://instagram.com/p/u0m74lJURC

This is part 2 of our Ebola 101 video series. View part one here: http://youtu.be/AiUYSkQN6sw

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Anuprao Mulakaluri says:

You can find all the studies I have referenced and all other information by following these links:

Ebola Newsletter: Contains survivor vs. non-survivor study and strategies for prevention details

Ebola and Inflammation: research article

Love to all beings…

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