DR Congo Sadly Reports New Ebola Case Only 2 Days Away from an Ebola Free Declaration

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DR Congo Sadly reports a new Ebola case only 2 days away from an Ebola Free declaration

We are Sad to report that Hopes for an end to the Ebola virus disease outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo were dashed on 10th April after the World Health Organisation confirmed a new case

The case found in a patient in North Kivu means the WHO will not declare the epidemic over by April 12 as earlier planned, despite the DRC going for nearly eight weeks without a case.

In a statement on Thursday, the World Health Organisation said its surveillance team had confirmed the case in North Kivu.

“One new case of Ebola was confirmed today by surveillance & response teams in Northeastern DRC after 52 days without a case. The WHO remains as committed as ever to bringing this outbreak to an end.”

Dr. Matshidiso Moeti, the WHO Africa Regional Director said her team would be in the field to investigate why the new case arose.

The DRC had been holding tight on hopes the epidemic would be declared over on April 12, after the last patient left the hospital on February 17.

We had posted a video celebrating the Announcement of the last cured ebola patient just last month. But we still have hope that the DC will manage to completely eradicate Ebola from Africa

Usually, the WHO declares an epidemic over after 44 consecutive days without a new case.
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2nacheki says:

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B Max says:

Why always Congo?Wake up Africans…don’t give these western whites chance to enter the continent anyhow they want …..expecially Congo …..they need their resources so badly and their president is just not doing anything about it wtf…..richest country on earth with best resources but is counted among the poorest countries in the world …..Africa unite and take away those old with no vision leaders out from their seats 💺 enough is enough

Dua Anhk Khonsu says:

You mean ya'll trust The World Health Organization, they are the source of your problems, why haven't they figured that out yet, WHO is in bed with Bill Gates and Company to exterminate as many of us as possible, You Africa are making it easy for them to do just that.

BeTheOne says:

Well spoken and world traveled Dynast of Afrika comments are respected and should be heard.

Pee Boy says:

This proves that we can fight any sickness or diseases in this world, interesting and wonderful video, from your biggest South African fan 😂😂

That's Eunice says:

So because corona wasn’t working fast enough to destroy Africa. They brought back Ebola. The French.

Christian Davis says:

The WHO is probably responsible.
Pinkskins are doing this.

Patrick Afful says:

They want to use this to test their vaccine 💉on Africans hmm everyone knows what they are doing but still the greedy leader will allow the vaccine to enter the country

DKD Buja says:

So coronavirus didn’t work let’s bring back ebola

Lor says:

What is going on damn. Corona and yet Ebola.

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