DR Congo Ebola: Officials hope country cleared in few months

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Doctors in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are hoping to declare the country Ebola-free in just a few months.
But efforts to stamp out the disease have been hampered by repeated rebel attacks, particularly in the eastern city of Beni which has been the epicentre of the outbreak in recent months.
More than 2,250 people have died of Ebola in the country’s east since the outbreak began in August 2018, according to the United Nations.
Al Jazeera’s Catherine Soi reports from Beni.

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Vero Prossy says:

God is good.

Mars jupiter says:

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Ginger Badjie says:

Bless the baby and keep Spreading information to the people to educate them about Ebola and stop eating bush meat. If Covid19 hit Africa on top of Malaria, Ebola, TB etc our problems are just beginning. 😬

Amos Pierce says:

1:24 💕❤
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