DR Congo battles resurgence of Ebola amid increase of Covid-19 deaths

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DR Congo was on Sunday set to declare the end of its Ebola epidemic, but just as it neared the long-awaited deadline, the country recorded two new Ebola deaths, as the country is also battling the deadly coronavirus. FRANCE 24 reports.

Facing the threat of two different viruses, doctors in DR Congo are fearful for what’s to come. “Morally it’s very discouraging since we’ve worked for a year and a half, two years, on this epidemic and [we could finally] start to breathe easy. Then suddenly we have to start from zero again. It’s a psychological blow,” Doctor Lusungu Mutuza says.

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ClarksonsinUSA says:

America developed a vaccine for Ebola,if there is an outbreak it will be stopped with ease!

EpicThe112 says:

If They want to deal with COVID-19 and Ebola virus at the same time you might just want get them a huge stack of Remedesivir. Because the antiviral drug is effective against Ebola and COVID-19.

上落合の御狸様 says:


Дмитрий Бурбовский says:


Khalid Hashi Abdilahi says:

Don't worry COVID-19 will end soon insha allah

Khalid Hashi Abdilahi says:

No one can touck my hand, the cases of coronavirus reached more than 1.8M cases all over te world

BT Aitken says:

Poor souls.

Eusunt Dac says:

Exactly what we needed right now … going back to bed, wake me up in 2021.

Bela T.T says:

May God be with DRC people in their fight to Wuhan virus and Ebola 🙏🙏

Robert Brown says:

Awesome content dude keep it up.

NeverMetTheGuy says:

So they have to deal with a basically constant civil war, now Ebola AND the CCP Virus?! If any country ends up worse off than that, we should probably just move to space.

unpaid troll says:

more fake news. Ebola deaths never stopped. look at the actual statistics
mankind has never eradicated any disease. we just rename them "the common cold" or "the flu" after the new virus loses its luster

AJ Ansari says:

May God help us

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