Do audio tweaks really work?

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This subject’s bound to piss off or delight people so Paul just jumps into the thick of it with both feet. Shun Mooks? Tweaks? Magic audio potions? What’s his feelings on the subject and are any in Music Room One? Have a question you want to ask me? Go to


Don Matejek says:

Norman Vincent Peale, said it the best, right Paul!

Bruce T says:

Like this common sense test to determining whether tweaks work.


Being a small nation, I must admit we are incredibly lucky with the fact that we can still head over to "The Adelphi" and actually have a chance of sitting down and listening to a multitude of high-end audiophile products before purchasing. Some shops even offer you a chance to bring it home and test it too. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a full floors of shops anymore. But till today it still remains the first answer to "Hey, where can i get audiophile gear?"

Mondo Enterprises says:

Good commentary. I use diy tweaks, subdudes, room treatment, etc. I am happy with the result and the sound of the music.

Laurentz Duba says:

Speaking of other "tweaks" that offer improvement in sound but works in inexplicable ways – how come there's no one yet poo-pooing those meteorite infused rosin used by violin and cello players on Strings and Musician magazine?

Steve Assante says:

Paul, please stop apologizing to anyone & everyone who isn't perceptive enough to recognize that 'Mediocrity' can be, just about always, improved upon.

OldSlowGamer says:

"Shun" means to ignore somebody, in a determined fashion. "Mook" is a derogatory term for a fool, a moron, an idiot, a cretin, an imbecile. So the name "Shun Mook" is its own code phrase for how you should deal with someone who believes those products work. Shun that mook.

youngtommy says:

Years ago there was a fellow who came up with tiny lengths of coiled plastic you threaded these onto your cables supposedly to improve your sound. HiFi magazines were giving them away free with their magazines.Crazy!

PanAm Style says:

I really like this perspective – thanks, Paul. The one thing I DO “believe” in is vibration as a determinate of sound quality – whether it’s chassis, enclosures or foundations. So I’m intrigued by the Mapleshade vibration control products, especially since my main music/listening system and room present a challenge in that respect. If anyone has experience with and comments on Mapleshade products, I’d really appreciate the feedback.

keith beese says:

tweaks are snake oil. Great speakers and equipment with some measurements and room correction is all the tweaking i ever needed…

Dave30867 says:

I only buy audio components if i hear them i would not rely on tweaks to make a good sounding system,
i want it right from the start.

BlankBrain says:

I put a couple plastic coasters under each of my compression drivers, which are coupled via Transylvania Power Company "The Tube" Karlson Couplers, and sit on top of my speakers. This tweak, which changes the vertical dispersion angle, seems to sound better to me. Classy, I know.

Audfile says:

One thing I've learned in life is it doesn't matter if you're M.L.K., Mother Theresa, Michael Jackson, Chuck Yeager, Steve Jobs… Jesus Christ himself… somebody disagrees with you and doesn't like your opinion. So don't worry about it.

Marcelo Miguel says:

Paul do not worry about people opinion!
Some will love you and some will hate !
If you are true to your heart don't bother.
I myself feel you are talking with your heart.
And so have my respect.
Don't lose your videos.

tweaker man says:

What about cables, solid silver, 10% Silver clad copper, silverplated copper or just copper, all 4 nines, are cables just snake oil.

Jeff Royer says:

Double blind A/B/X testing will prove almost every "tweak" to be BS. Even if the tweak makes some difference with testing equipment, it is still meaningless unless the listener can repeatably discern a difference with thorough A/B/X testing.

Inventor says:

concept. you would prefer a song treated with waves vst sounding from normal music equipment rather than the same song but untreated and from an hi-fi. the effects in remasterization has more impact on final sound than the speakers or amplifier or room used.

Steve A says:

Do a review of the Apple Homepod 😉

Jaakan Shorter says:

I have noticed is two things about "tweaks" 1. Most never work 2. Those that "seem" to work only work on lower end components that had major corners cut.

Joel Doxtator says:

My BS test is really simple. Does it measurably improve the accuracy of the signal? Not the "perceived" accuracy, but the actual physical accuracy. If yes, it's good. If no, it's not worth anything.

Full Ranger says:

I think it looks much better unfinished.

G BRM says:

I have a few treaks that actually work. I tie polka dot bows every foot along my speaker cables, put a pure silk doily under my CD player, then shine a blue light on it. I coat the front of my amplifier with cottage cheese and cover it with pallet wrap. The speakers are covered with a pure llama wool rug, while the walls are coated with stick on dots. I warm up the system for about a half hour, while I inhale a 2 pound joint. Always sounds good to me.

blech71 says:

I could only hope I’m half as cool as Paul is when I get to his age. Not that it’s old. He’s just cool AF

Birger Olofsson says:

LOOL I "believe" in tweaks, not all but some gives a big improvement like Densen's Demagnitizer CD.

Banana Splitbrain says:

You nailed it: “I want to believe“

Banana Splitbrain says:

The unfinished surface looks great!

Banana Splitbrain says:

The unfinished surface looks great!

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