Demand for hazmat suits, protective gear climbs as Ebola fears rise

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The Army Surplus Store in Arvada said in the last two weeks sales of gas masks have tripled and the few chemical suits it had sold in just a few days.



//Its also everyday people like you and mueh……me//

Phantom Orbit says:

Arvada army navy is an awesome store

al-Moroccan Gutierrez says:

😂😂dumb ass old fucks

Foxy Fox 666 says:

Its funny that the goverment does not issued gas mask for civilians and have to buy old surplus masks with out dated filters

Filip says:

If you are going to buy a gas mask at least do a research.
Those are GP-5 old Soviet expired filters, they have asbestos in them it's really dangerous.


Most of the gas mask are from WWII and Soviet filters have white and blue asbestos. People are fucking idiots.

Rachel Miller says:

Wow so not only are these people suckers for buying expired gas mask filters but there also is a chance the filters contain asbestos which can cause lung cancer.

Alex Le says:

I haven't heard of Ebola in 2017 so I assume it's gone

Soviet Doge says:

Gas masks won't save you from disease… those filters in the video have been expired for years anyhow they won't do any good

that_ zombie_monkey says:

I have a gas mask but I'm going to buy another one just for the deadly virused that people go to foren country's and return with some dangerous virus that we don't want….

After Burn says:

these are my people

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