Deadly Ebola Virus Threatens West Africa

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West African nations and international health organizations are working to contain the largest Ebola outbreak in history. It’s one of the deadliest diseases known to man, but the CDC says it’s unlikely to spread in the U.S. (July 28)

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Emoshy88 says:

Set up a military boundary around Western Africa and make camps or areas for the people with the virus to contain the virus and prevent it from spreading to other countries and infecting others.

Eileen LeValley says:


Happy Bird says:

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Helen Richardson says:

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Miles O' Brian says:

Anyone who helps there people deserves death goo for that stupid christ-ian

LINNLchan7BAND says: it of natural or human made source/cause; either way; it still reminds me of that comment this past spring by that right-wing candidate politician who mentioned something like: 'Mr. Ebola,' and, how it would be a simple task for 'him,' it, to prevent immigration to Europe, in his view. That statement by a rightwing politician well known to Europeans, is eerily close in time to this event, as 'coincidence,' in time and space.

Ila Young says:

This whole crap is BS. The Americans took the Ebola to Africa just like they created the HIV AIDS virus and took it to Africa to use them as lab rats. Like really they're gonna get away with this again. The monkey are always the ones to be bleam. This is a way to make Africa look bad a way for the pharmaceutical to get banks, you people are stupid. They test shit like this on people in my country to see if it'll work and then they bring it to America to use it on us. This is the way the government works they want population control, just like the HIV was so called from Africa, and it was used to control, the gays, the blacks, and the Mexicans. We're all gonna be killed slowly by the money making guys.

Oscar Gutierrez says:

Ebola Virus! RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CK Stone says:


La Sage says:

This is Mother Natures way of taking care of the earth.

Mary Thompson says:

I never want to get this 

Maggie Joseph says:

 Bill Gates!!!!

103028a001bc392840 says:

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thrummer1953 says:

Hemorrhagic fevers like Ebola are a bit like brush fires;easy to control if you can contain it early,but if it spreads,it can ravage huge populations,& there isn't much you can do @ that point.

TruthRealm says:

Ebola is contacted through eating bush meat , esp if its not fresh. Once the human catches it then its spread from person to person. A male carrier even if he is cured of symptoms can carry the virus in his sperm for 7 weeks. These people just need to get there stuff clean , you cant continue to live like they do if you want to survive. You should see how they sell their meat its just not safe.

Legion says:

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