Coronavirus: What the Ebola outbreak can teach us about targeting COVID-19

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Richard Preston, author of ‘The Hot Zone’, a book on the Ebola outbreak, joins ‘Squawk Box’ to discuss how antibody cocktails work, how vaccines were created for the Ebola outbreak and what we can learn from past outbreaks.

Three months after the coronavirus emerged in China, it has quickly spread to nearly half a million people across the globe, killing more than 22,000 people and bringing the world economy to a near-grinding halt.

Some scientists estimate that millions will ultimately die before COVID-19 runs its course. There’s a lot that infectious disease specialists and scientists still don’t know about the virus. Exactly how deadly and contagious COVID-19 is, is still a matter of debate.

We break down what we know about the virus and how it compares with some of history’s deadliest pandemics and diseases. First, you’ll have to bone up on a bit of epidemiology.

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Hugh McElhone says:

Can you reshare the full 12 min video without editing, especially the part where he mentions humans' immune systems are weak? And the part where Richard and Joe were talking about a science fiction future. The parts edited out are as important as if not more important, and as someone who watched it, I find it interesting how the editing doesn't play favorably to a certain narrative…I find it more than suspicious. I would like to see the entire interview. Thank you

J T says:

turn off the tv and think for yourself…we are not slaves to an illegitimate parasitic ruling class…covid is a fear mongering psy op by corporate media who LIES

King Kang says:

Wait….did I just hear this guy talk for almost the whole time without being interrupted!! Unheard of!!!!!!!

narong anage says:

Wow!!! This is a fantastic video. The best news for all of us. Thank you.

TechYK says:

The rush to get to a treatment is real because who ever gets it first gonna be the richest company.

EX DUECE says:

Nerd want to tag us all. EVILCORP: Microsfot + Google + Facebook

Laura Lafauve says:

Because all Americans need
Consistent and uninterrupted

Big Lemon Coke says:

Let say If this virus is ever-changing and mutating, and how can you cope with the right antibiotics? Besides, what if this virus does not behave the way like a coronavirus normally do.

Stan Mann says:

Why did Bill Gates fly on Jeffrey Epstein's plane? Using humans as honeypots should be a war crime.

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