Congo working to stop new Ebola outbreak in country's east

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(7 Feb 2021) Health officials in Congo confirmed another Ebola outbreak in the country’s east on Sunday, the fourth in less than three years.
On February 3, a woman died in Butembo town in North Kivu province, Minister of Health Eteni Longondo announced.
The woman from the nearby village of Biena felt sick for a few days before being tested in a clinic there.
She then went to a hospital in Butembo, but died before receiving the results.
The government has begun tracing everyone who came in contact with her to try to “eradicate the epidemic as soon as possible,” said Longondo.
This is the 12th outbreak in conflict-ridden Congo since the virus was first discovered in the country in 1976, and comes less than three months after an outbreak in the western province of Equateur, officially ended in November.
The 2018 outbreak in Eastern Congo was the second deadliest in the world, killing 2,299 people before it ended in June.
That outbreak lasted for nearly two years and was fought amid unprecedented challenges, including entrenched conflict between armed groups, the world’s largest measles epidemic, and the spread of COVID-19.
Health officials worry a new Ebola outbreak could badly affect the nation’s fragile health system, especially as it faces a resurgence of COVID-19.

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