Chinese team arrives in Liberia to staff Ebola clinic

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A team of 160 doctors, nurses and logistics staff arrive in Liberia, adding to the Chinese government’s Ebola response that is already building a 100-bed tre…


Tyrone Marder says:

Why are Chinese medics dressed as soldiers??

LSTWTF says:

Good to see the world working together on this problem.

Kevin Vang says:

Just because a few were saved/cured from Ebola in the U.S. It doesn’t mean
that everyone can just go ahead a go into Africa and thinking that its
safe. I guess people haven’t been watching enough movies such as,
“Outbreak, World War Z, and Resident Evil”. it scares me enough just
thinking about it.
People goes into Africa, bring back the viruses back into their country and
hell breaks loose. Just don’t say I didn’t tell you so…

Conspiracy News Network says:

China builds clinics immediately, sends hundreds of doctors and nurses. The
US sends thousands of soldiers. Hmm, I wonder why the US thinks they’re
being more helpful than China? I can’t see how a bullet is gonna stop Ebola

Dardania Lion says:

Very good. Well done China.

TheRange says:

Do you really think the US of where has gone on from giving the native
indians 2 blankets and a handkerchief that was full of smallpox? It killed
off most of the indians. I feel a bit of indian in me….. 



Maalik Islam says:

depopulation agenda

TheRange says:

Queer how it was so’ remote ‘ and then all the nations get it on! It was
planted, and we all know it. Ebola is a broom for the monied nations to get
rid of too many people. Obvious.

IceMCUniverse says:

Respect China

TheRange says:

They tried it with other viruses. But go back to the tried and tested….

TheRange says:

We are not sheep as we do not have white woolly hair. We are a new breed.

Khalid Ikan says:

Ebola : thank you for bringing in the Chinese in my land now I can be more
stronger then before…………. the Chinese Ebola on the door of Asia
what a great gift Chinese peopulation 

danny skinny says:

we will win ! no matter how !

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