CDC: Worker possibly exposed to Ebola

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says one of its employees may have been exposed to Ebola.


Jeremy Clyde says:

yeah CNN cause some more panic! now i cant get fucking gloves in my supermarket.

alz123alz says:

Why isolate the CDC worker on an chartered  isolated plane, and then let him or her return to work so soon?  That person should be isolated for another 21 days.   Do we really know enough about the virus  to know that the virus is  no spread at initial onset of infection?   If that person comes down with the infection then you will have to chase down all the thousands of people who interacted with the people she or he interacted.     Hurry up vaccine!

A Stevens says:

Close contacts of confirmed cases should be quarantined

Janita Boucher says:

OMG. 21 century. Great technology. Deathful desease….
and such a stupidity…..

Enid Shank says:

If Ebola spreads the only way to survive will be to follow 19th century Venice metodics: social communication restriction and quarantine. 
Our medical system is too weak today. 

CYRUS2017 says:

wtf? not actively sick? really? really? really? REALLY!? Ok.

Richie Mann says:

The following article explains why so many health care workers in Africa have caught Ebola (120 of them have died so far):
I keep posting this because I'm trying to alert as many people as I can to what's really going on – maybe those at the CDC and WHO will look past what they already "know" and open their minds to other possibilities! Liberum mentis

Juliette Rose says:

The worker was "exposed" to the virus. Wasn't that what the chicks were talking about, and if he was infected? They always try to make this stuff sound so much scarier than it needs to be.

Lily Jameson says:

"They weren't touching his vomit…" Nice.

flo baxter says:

What the actual fuck

flo baxter says:

Wow. I'm lost for fucking words. Just wow

Brook Johnson says:

Isolate! Isolate! Isolate! Isolate! Isolate! =)

Citizen 44 says:


Associated Stress says:

scare tactics

OFF- CODE says:

Omfg I knew this was gonna fucking happen.. tomorrow I'M buying my bug out …I swear to fucking God

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