CDC and Johns Hopkins Develop Ebola Training Modules for Health Care Workers

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Johns Hopkins Medicine led the creation of an interactive online training program for nurses and physicians based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Ebola guidance for health care workers in the proper putting on and taking off of personal protective equipment. CDC training
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Druse Sage achtung says:

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John W says:

Why are there so many hospitals in Baltimore. Crime? harbor? why?

Doug Kordek says:

I give this video 5 thumbs down. The womans hair was down.  Shouldn't it be up?  When the head gear came off, it looks like it came in contact with her hair. And also the gear was open in the back neck area when the suit was on.

jhh says:

I noticed that when the assistant was removing the head gear the bottom of the soiled head gear actually touches the nurses srub suit.  So would it be better to remove the head gear first to provent contamination or the nurse put on new scrub to prevent contamination?

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