CBS News goes inside Ebola treatment center in Congo

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In Central Africa, a number of recent rebel attacks in the Democratic Republic of Congo are shutting down non-governmental organizations and forcing health workers fighting Ebola to avoid most areas. Some fear this could lead to a resurgence of the deadly disease. CBS News foreign correspondent Debora Patta reports from Mangina, Democratic Republic of Congo.


Carole Autumn says:

EBOLA = United States Patent # 20120251502 A1 SWINE FLU = United States Patent #US812-4101B2 HIV VIRUS = United States Patent #4647773, etc, etc (there are plenty more) These were ALL used against you and I and the entire world…….God Help US!!!!!!! It is time to know the truth and the TRUTH shall set you free but first the TRUTH will make you miserable!

Emperor Charlemagne says:

they should stay there and not wash their hands to conserve on water.

Jo Molololo says:

Dont eat wild animals without cleaning them properly , also Ebola cannot spread in develop countries due to hygeine

Bill Klinton says:

CBS then brings Ebola to the US

Craving Green says:

I feel so bad for that lady hope the best for her

bigrich313 says:

hundreds of years that place has been there and it's never been nothing like this before so you want to say that its not a man-made disease the Congo is the richest place on planet

BH Xacvy says:

Whoโ€™s Been A HUGE Fan Of CBS Before 2019???

Iโ€™m gifting my next 72 loyal subs
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I'm right you're wrong says:

That sounds dumb, don't they have Ebola there?

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