CBN News Reporter Heather Sells on Ebola Outbreak

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700 Club Interactive’s Andrew Knox learns more about the Ebola virus outbreak from CBN News’ Heather Sells.


mealoffering316 says:

"show of Christ in a practical way"

ruthomom says:

I agree in some of the stuff being said, but i disagree that if they were going to do this experimental drug on them, they should it done it over there, in this days they have hospital boats, airplane boats, they could it flew the drug over there and treat them there, instead of risking everybody here, and bringing such a deadly disease to  american soil. As a christian we have to agree they are our brothers and sisters working over there for a good cause trying to help others in need, but if i know i have such a deadly disease like that, i would it never allowed them to bring me here, to risk family and others around me. 

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