BREAKING: Defeating Ebola in Guinea through better experience

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The Ebola outbreak that erupted in Guinea in early 2021 was declared over on June 19, just four months after the first cases were confirmed in a rural community in the south of the country. Banking on the lessons learned from the deadly 2014–2016 outbreak as well as a growing national expertise, a prompt response was mounted, helping to curb widespread infection. Minister of Health Honourable Dr Rémy Lamah explains what it took to halt the virus and the challenges met with it. “In the previous outbreak it took us more than three months to set up an effective Ebola response coordination. In the just-ended outbreak the Ministry of Health and its partners responded much faster,” he said. “This allowed us to rapidly deploy multidisciplinary teams comprising Guinean experts—with experience gained during the 2014-2016 outbreak—to quickly set up the response measures and contain the virus.”


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