Blood test shows Spanish nurse′s assistant cleared of Ebola 에볼라 상황 업데이트

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Some encouraging news on the Ebola front.
The Spanish nurse′s assistant… who had contracted the hemorrhagic virus after treating two Ebola patients… has now recovered.
The Spanish government says a blood test showed… Teresa Romero′s immune system had cleared all traces of the virus… though hospital officials cautioned they would wait for results of a second blood test to absolutely confirm that.
Also in the U.S., some 48 people being monitored for Ebola… in connection to Thomas Eric Duncan… are expected to be cleared in the coming hours… after being watched for the maximum incubation period for the virus.
This as the Pentagon has formed an Ebola emergency response team for domestic cases.
In his weekly radio address, President Barack Obama tried to quell the diffusing Ebola fear… by urging some perspective; he said more people – that is, thousands – die of the common flu in the U.S…. every year.


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