As Ebola Outbreak Fades Out, Congo Prepares for COVID-19

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Congo’s Coronavirus Battle – Life After Ebola: Compared to other parts of the world the coronavirus was slow to reach the continent of Africa, but now the infection is spreading to areas that have only just overcome another deadly pandemic: Ebola.

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PBS NewsHour Weekend – Ref. 7822


Banana Republik says:

Don't fund them..all ministers are doesn't reaches the deserved patients..goes to the government officials

Automated_Response85 says:

3:31 "This mistrust culminated in startling violence against Ebola responders. Rebel groups and angry civilians attacked health centers killing 11 health workers and injuring dozens…" Makes sense……

Mr Mysterious says:

Good ol' China will send their nuclear Covid there in no time. Dont get to excited Congo

Alia Sahar says:

They will be more than prepared for Covid-19.

808 Dream says:

Thank you 🕊 for giving me happy news. Much respect and love to you all.

Treble to says:

CCP virsus…..Wuhan visus real name

The Last Trailers And Best Scenes says:

BigK says:

two months is a long time when you don't sleep and only eat ground beef.

Scumfuck McDoucheface says:

Great content, love you guys.

MetalGhost95 says:

Covid-19 is way more contagious. Ebola is transmitted through bodily-fluids but for Covid-19 just simply breathing in air and you'll get it.

If I was in the Congo region I would run as fast and as far as I could away from civilization.


Terra Shidqi says:

Cbd oil helps

Mo Khan says:

My thoughts and prayers go out to those residing in the ‘heart of africa’

josh656 says:

Don’t worry Africa, I’m sure it’s only a coincidence that Bill Gates’ vaccines accidentally cause sterilization.

jeffersonianideal says:

I spoke to an AT&T supervisor in the Philippines yesterday. She said she did not know anyone who had died of COVID-19. She did not even know one person who had contracted the virus.

seeker of the true knowledge says:

Those poor people…

seeker of the true knowledge says:

You would think they would stop sleeping around? If Ebola was transmitted through bodily fluids.

Beryl Ackermann says:

WELL DONE CONGO. You can handle Covid19 as well. Bless you all. Help your people inside and outside of Congo.
Covid19 is TRUE as Ebola is. You must take precautions with Covid19 as you have done with Tuberculosis, HIV, Ebola. Wash your hands often and wear mask, a cloth over your nose and mouth.

Lokstar Megatronix says:

BABYLON created Ebola….now it is over because, they got a new weapon COV-19 CORONA…👽👽👽

Gary Carlyle says:

They were right for not trusting it I suspect.

Maverick says:

Credit goes to those doctors , nurses n health workers, greatest Frontline fighters , salute to you guys

Groovepad Dj says:

Blessed up everyone.

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