Americans shocked their govt owns Ebola patent

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For IN the NOW with Anissa Naouai, The Resident hit the streets of New York City to ask people whether or not they were scared that a known case of Ebola has just been found in Texas. She challenges people on their knowledge of the virus, only to find out that not many Americans know their government has the patent on Ebola, or that it has been sitting on several promising vaccines because no company or government wants to pay for the final stages of FDA approval, remaining clinical trials, and manufacturing of the vaccine. Now that Ebola has reached the states, perhaps people will start paying more attention.

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Tsering Lobsang says:

Patent number is CA2741523A1.

Dontbe Nosey says:

wow RT seriously needs to ditch this girl.

Numb Nest says:

It's fascism. Gov makes law for business profits.

Lisa06021968 says:

It only takes one case to start a Pandemic!

Vasilije Injac says:

1:30 ,,oh there watching,,.
my fav part :)

Praylak says:

Anyone else find it strange that they can patent a living organisim?

SupernalOne says:

the US federal government holds the patent on the genetic code of the virus – this step makes that information available to the public, so that no private corporation can own the rights – it is too important an issue to let legal ownership conflicts and commercial interests monopolize research and so create a bottleneck in progress toward a working vaccine.  For Heaven's sake, people, the government doesn't make ebola, that's not what the patent is for!  And nobody has made a vaccine so far because there's been no money in it, and the US Government is not in the business of manufacturing drugs, it only regulates them.  Drug companies make vaccines when there's disease that needs treating, people actually think some drug company started the epidemic and then offers an expensive cure – !

Jay Mil says:

Incredibly stupid video— spreading misinformation.  Truly sad that they lie to people and try to spread fear. The US does not have a Patent on EBOLA— they have a patent on a strain of Ebola.  The reason for the patent is to prevent pharmaceutical companies from patenting it themelf, and force researches to pay a license fee to reserch it. Instead, the Gov patented the strains o anything wtih 70% similarity, they can allow researchers to study it without paying licensing fees for it's manufacture (for research purposes).  Meanwhile, the strain in West Africa has no connection with the strain the US patented…. and the government doesn't have an Ebola vaccine… there is a treatmnet called Zmapp and it's made by Leaf BioPharmaceuticals, and it's  EXPERIMENTAL, and takes 6 months to make one dose.  The US has to also closely regulate research of Ebola, which could be used as a bioweapon if in the wrong hands.

Skyler Thomas says:

And thank God for immigration, globalism and multiculturalism, huh? Instead of keeping them and their diseases strictly confound in their own parts of the world we get the privilege of allowing them into our parts of the world so that we may share these new wonderful diseases with them. It will be great, it will be just like AIDS and West Nile Encephalitis all over again.

Esther Gogna says:

1:00 the only smart person out there

goaheadroll says:

Ebola is a natural disease that evolved over millions of years like everything other living thing. It is a living organism, you can not have a patent on it. The CDC not the government, has a patent on an imunogen of the disease that is being used to create a vaccine. So when they create it they will have a patent on the vaccine which will make billions. Ebola has been on the news since I was a little kid. Are people really this dumb. You should look up the facts before reporting it as truth. I used to watch this channel but you just lost all credibility in my eyes.

Phon Xieng (MrMuaythai84) says:

americans r so stupid i swear they r so MISINFORM

TheHills OfSkyline says:

That is the most Irish person I have ever seen. He's even wearing a Guinness shirt. Brilliant.

sweetloveelmo says:

Welcome to another day on planet Deception.

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