4 people quarantined in U.S. Ebola scare

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Four people have been quarantined and up to 100 have been contacted as concerns grow over the first U.S. Ebola diagnosis.


Freddie L. says:

omg?!?! 4 out of a billion what a scare

javier portillo says:

Dear President, I think it's about time that we close our borders and restrict travel to the affected countries…because if it happens at a major city, you will have riots and anarchy in your hands…

the82spartans says:

So what were the odds of this happening according to POTUS just a few short weeks ago?

Where is the leadership?  We have 3,000 US troops in the affected region… how are they protected?

Ann Robertson says:

I can't get the one – we have already an approved Ebola vaccine, why our government doesn't allow give it to the infected persons? Or, may be, it's too expensive and the government can't get any profit of it?

Maura Kohl says:

I think that all people who had contact with the infected man should be quarantined as well. Our authorities should do everything possible to prevent the spreading of Ebola.

Darci Martins says:

More people are sent to the quarantine in the US, all the team which has been working with this man came bake to America. I suppose, soon there will be a lot of quarantined people.

Addie Hildebrand says:

And what if to count all people who had contact with all of them? Cheldren were visiting school for some period, if they're infected, they could transmit the virus to a hundred of other kids.

Hill Bill says:

I hope Washington DC gets ebola. US government is retarded. Put these people in a camp or quarantine area away from society. The family will get ebola by being near the infected bed and material in the house. 

Reaper679 says:

that is fucking scary

smackachicken says:

dont go to africa

Karmiangod says:

Gawd I hate the modern world. 

NextGenNate says:

That family is basically on house arrest for the rest of the month at least.

Leeloo Soukup says:

What is being done about the people wast it's going into the sewer system

IWashMyOwnBrain says:

The nephew of the patient had to report it to the CDC before they took any action!

IWashMyOwnBrain says:

They dropped the ball!!! That's an understatement.

Leeloo Soukup says:

The insects like roaches will spread the virus every one needs to evacuate the building and the tented and sprayed with bug poison and the Clorox 

Alex Klatt says:

Revelation chapter 6, the pale horse is running!

Sateevah1 says:

Surely they want another crisis… "Under quarantine, inside their apartment" . They said.. WTF!?


homeland security?

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