WorldView: Ebola outbreak in DR Congo and more global headlines

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The Democratic Republic of Congo is dealing with the worst Ebola outbreak in its history, with more than 2,200 dead. A Spanish billionaire has been sentenced to 18 months in jail for trying to take a Picasso painting he owns out of the country. And a look at the uproar over paternity leave in Japan. Gwen Baumgardner rounds up the international headlines of the day.


Alda Cajanding says:

Ebola y Coronavirus

Valentina Rouge says:

Wait a minute, does ebola virus is like corona virus ??

M Monti says:

Covid19 have a coctail of Vih ebola and hepatitis in a flu package that make it more transmisible!😱😷

Bioplasmid says:

Have you ever imagined that Ebola could be beneficial?
Watch this!!

gabh4x says:

Coronavirus outbreak is happening.
Youtube : "Hey, wanna watch ebola outbreak too?"




Corona and Ebola

Karan Panigrahi says:

Ebola virus is much more dangerous than corona virus

matthew the vlogger says:

Americans:*coughs* dang ima stay in I got the flu

China:*coughs* shoot I have coronavirus HONEY WERE GOING TO AMERICA


I appreciate how they didn't travel to another country because if they did well…| Chinese

GRCanal says:

Btw rip China for there virus oof

Joash Keya says:

this is a lie….it happened in 2014-2016….their are cases but very small

Illuminati aqi says:

Wait I thought ebola was cured

FreeBird always says:

wtf wuhan virus now another one Ebola



Avi-A says:

and the coronavirus

o7 unknown says:

🤯🤯world health organisation needs 💰💰fast

Heather Folts says:

This Ebola outbreak is so sad and the paranoia of natives against the government and then the attacks on the clinicians healthcare workers is despicable.

Tim Temple says:

Get silver colloid from Ivory Coast. It heals.

Mulinaster says:

Ignorance is the ultimate destroyer of humanity. Would be tragic if Ebola ended up spreading because uneducated ignoramuses ended up killing the doctors trying to save people because they were stupid enough to read vaccine conspiracy websites.

Josey Wales says:

Democrats would love to flood us with these ebola people.

Karen Hargis says:

Ebola outbreak..oh, let’s break out the wallet, smdh

sina mumuta says:

Very dangernous so the problems with these places are the places of Violence hatred dangous killing innocent Citizens because of money involved should the place close and put all the criminal activist staff and the owner in jail the problems are drugs abused killer dangerous violence criminal the Country and Government should be investigated,because all these dangerous violence criminal activist money control are Criminal fraud thieves liars murders greedy that killed childrens families and communities Elderlies but collect their benefits and estates wealth very dangerous we call global Criminal fraud hatred violence against humanity.
Time to stand up people and tell your leaders to get out these was happening long time but still threatening manipulated innocent people time to stop and. Listed the Criminal evil dangernous violence hospital

Misanthropic Heretic says:

I heard Democrat and Death….

Bryan C says:

Spain and the EU believe national cultural right superced property rights, no wonder the UK want to exit the EU. Expropriation of property because of an authoritarian and unreasonable restriction of the use of PRIVATE property, demanded by the State is 🐂💩.

Bryan C says:

Thought we had a vaccine for it now. Maybe we don't share it?

ala ska says:

Dems want to flood the nation with "refugees". Remember that in 2020.

WE WUZ VIKANGS!!! n shiet. says:

Ebola is necessary to keep population growth in check . I am disappointed in Aids . Never achieved its potential .

rabid GOLEM says:

If one owns something, the country cannot claim it too.

Rick James says:

Please support my new product:
Ebola Cereal!!!
Fun for all ages……

cRazystuff 92 says:

Get wrecked. Spent millions on a painting to spend millions to give it right back😂

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