World’s First Ebola Treatment Center in Chicago

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SUN_ ONE says:

Hell of gang violence lol 

Justin Andersen says:

U kno he means business when he doesn’t tell us about partnerships

Lego Death Star Tales says:

Move to Hawaii man. THAT’S my advice. 

YaB0iJake says:

I have the feeling that ebola’s population control just like you said in a
video man think about it remember the clipboard guy in no gear ect?

Ryan Guzman says:

Well time to move to Hawaii now…

Matthew Rudnicki says:

I live in chicago too and they should have treatment centers in places
where there isnt a huge population. Also I support your opinion

Marques Allen says:

The cure for ebola is isolation

Lego Death Star Tales says:

Texas is saved but good luck Chicago. . If this were to be like the walking
dead then the treatments would be held in Florida.

ShootinUpNeff says:

sick ass dagger bro

tyler hill says:


CableLine Network says:

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