World Health Organization holds news conference on coronavirus outbreak – 2/12/2020

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World Health Organization officials hold a news conference Wednesday to update the public on the new coronavirus outbreak. The flu-like coronavirus that has sickened more than 45,000 people in over two dozen countries now has a name: COVID-19. The CO stands for corona, the VI for virus and the D for disease, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the WHO, announced at Tuesday’s news conference at the agency’s headquarters in Geneva.

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World Health Organization holds news conference on coronavirus outbreak – 2/12/2020


sweet dove says:

sounds like there's a lobby happening

Jie Wang says:

Can you tell the truth where comes the virus?

Gary Wei says:

It makes me felt awful to read the YouTube comments in below. If you people are scared of this Virus then why don't help those who are affected instead of criticising WHO. China and the Asian countries are suffering and you people sit here and talking negative things about those who is trying to help shamed on you

Dick says:

spit it out already, this is not a fame show. fake doctors

Harry Consu says:

So we get a ridiculous "fishing net" analogy to explain that those testing positive will be categorized as NOT POSITIVE IF non symptomatic and then they have the nerve to say "This casts a wider net" ……Orwell would be proud of this Doublespeak. Sickening to once again see the purported experts so obviously misleading the world and no journalist with half a brain to ask the real questions

Tamas Vamos says:

Why do I feel some people sold their soul?
Why some people has to by hyper-PC? Spanish flu – Wuhan flu…

Oh Amy says:

I couldn’t concentrate on what anyone was saying due to the shutter clicking of the camera and the coughing. And Dr. T got on his soap box again lol.

Timothy Carter says:

@26:00 Dr. Marie-Paule Kieny pulls a tissue from her sleeve, wipes a boogie, looks at it, then tucks it back into her sleeve. This is the World Health Organization…

Elisa Chavez says:

16:5017:15 Boy do they look nervous.

Waitu Gou says:

the reason you can only find 8 with no known connection is because you are only testing and finding people with travel history to China

Kylie Warren says:

He spent more time flapping about how good China is doing then answering questions properly and giving us correct information. Urgghhhhhhh

Statistic Man says:

Coronavirus shows double speed outside of China

Civil Light says:

WHO chief talks politics now. No one believes this politically compromised person. He should resign immediately.


I just get few mask frog the hospital…but they are giving away mask that dont help 😪✌
Sold out at Walgreens in sf Ca.
More people involved in this conference most getting worse..

Lady D says:

They are clueless and just flapping their gums. There are Videos of people being locked in their homes, people jumping off balconies, and dead children being wrap in blankets. You have no answers and neither do China. This is a pandemic tell the world the truth. God hate liars.

Uncle Meat says:

Some people in there has a cold I hear coughing

robertb2468 says:

cough cough cough cough, Hey WHO, you better put on masks and quarantine that person in the room. Woops! I forgot masks won't help.

Ima Skeptic says:

China is not recommending Vitamin C to their population. That is a fail.

patriot1979 says:

35:52 priceless!

Rob Houg says:

Everyone commenting and spewing garbage yet they know nothing about this disease. Domesday hopefuls wishing and waiting for the day they can use their prepper kits they bought at wal-mart

Aaron Mason says:

Dr T is a Commie and China puppet.

Mad Popson says:


Mama Wolf Memories says:

FAKE NEWS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

s s says:

cough cough……

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