World Health Organization holds briefing on coronavirus and Ebola outbreaks – as it happened

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World Health Organization holds briefing on coronavirus and Ebola outbreaks – as it happened


A Witness of the King says:

Who director general you WILL be the first to go !

A Witness of the King says:

Humanity are going to rise up and destroy the cabal elitists !

A Witness of the King says:

The WHO = Illuminati cabal lapdogs .

Dragon Kovacs says:

Our Best Chance Of Survival Worldwide is If The WHO Gets Infected And Dies Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Gnirps Naireip says:

WHO: we don’t know x we don’t know y … boring old news …
Journalists: we want drama!

syu chaochao says:

Wuhan virus is the best coronavirus to show the no function organization and China.

M B says:

Answer this then: is this a warfare virus?

M B says:

Praising China’s concealment of the outbreak for almost a month results in WHO’s praises?! Truth? Are you really telling the whole truth? If China told the truth, it wouldn’t spread to thousands of people today if China were telling the truth about Corina virus in the first place!

A guy who’s addicted to Ark says:

Wakanda forever…..

Rogier says:

11:46 / 22:10 Thank you Dr Ryan for your clear and realistic insights. And finally some more clear answers now. To people on the frontlines, thank you for all your efforts and be carefull !

jaga690 says:

2 first questions are mostly nonsense. How they can tell when it'll end? And what change we would have if they will judge a Chinese government as working on the case or not?

DJ Onfonsteen says:

This is what the Guardian wrote today….."The new patient, who brings the total number in the UK to nine, is a Chinese woman in her late 20s or early 30s who lives in the British capital with relatives. She flew in to Heathrow from China at the weekend and called NHS 111 when she developed symptoms after landing" Boris… why are you putting us at risk when Israel the US and other countries had stopped all flights from China ages ago. But you allowed this breach… this murder… why?

Mike Corlett says:

Look at the back of the screen at 41:30. See how they all react. Their body language shows that he is lying through his teeth. At the time they published this, they said it was 42k when it was 60k. And these are the people we should be trusting?

fredo1070 says:

They're like the quacks out of The Devils, kill or cure no one ever complains.

Emily C says:

1 death outside china? It's been 2 for 4 days

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