World Health Organization Declares Emergency in (DRC) Congo // Info & Links Below

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I have been following the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) Ebola story for several weeks. I wasn’t originally going to do this Report but I believe it’s far too important to ignore and Bicycling Community can help in real ways.

Ebola was discovered in 1976 near the Ebola River in what is today the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Ebola effects humans and primates and spread by bodily fluids. This can happen when a person touches infected fluids or objects, the virus can enter through broken skin, mucous membranes in the eyes, nose and mouth as well as sexual contact. Ebola is fatal over 64% of the time and survivors often suffer lifelong side effects.

Dateline: 17 July 2019
WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus declared the Ebola outbreak in the DRC a “Public Health Emergency of International Concern” today;

The World Health Organization has noted on April 25, 2019, escalation of Security Incidents and attacks on Hospitals by armed militia resulting in the death of a Doctor, other incidents are also reported; Democratic Republic of the Congo has been in the News from time-to-time because of continued unrest;

US Center for Disease Control has responded; The CDC’s June 12, 2019 press release announced activation of Emergency Operations and “enhanced response” in the DRC.

Doctors Without Borders is an Organization dedicated to serving Humanity. In the video I mentioned ~1200 cases but that was in fact the DRC, 12 cases and 1 child fatality has been recorded in Uganda to date; Their efforts in the Congo have been extensive and $upport is needed.

The European Union has been helping financially and of course that’s beneficial; Medical Response Teams are alerted and precautions are underway. I can’t speak for all of Europe but Spanish News keeps the Public informed.

Ebola is also an airborne disease and cases outside of the African Continent have been recorded including Sweden;

Many of us are leery of Charities and that’s understandable but World Bicycle Relief has a proven track record;

Buffalo Bicycle contributions to World Bicycle Relief provides Bicycle’s to those in rural areas who otherwise couldn’t own one and today Buffalo Bicycle’s are helping Healthcare Providers in the DRC;

The Cycling Community has always been generous in times of need and this is definitely one of them. It may not seem like much but a Bicycle for a Healthcare Worker could save someone’s life!

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