Why the Second Worst Ebola Outbreak May Soon Be Over

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With the potential to kill within a week, and a death rate that’s been as high as 90%—ebola is still very much at large in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. But that may change soon.
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Similar to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), ebola may have gotten its start in surprising place: bats, more specifically fruit bats. But the good news is there are some promising breakthroughs and not one but two exciting experimental vaccines in use in the DRC—the location of the second-largest ebola outbreak in history. But the Kivu outbreak may finally be over.

On this episode of SICK, we sit down with Dr. John Misai and Dr. Peter Piot to find out more about this deadly disease.

So how exactly does Ebola work? Where did it come from? Why are its outbreaks so difficult to contain? And is there any hope of getting rid of it once and for all?

Find out the answers and more in this SICK

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A Drug Developed to Fight Ebola Could Hold Hope for Coronavirus Treatment
The Ebola outbreak in North Kivu seems to have come to an end just as the coronavirus panic struck Europe and the U.S.—the WHO says there has not been a new case of Ebola since Feb. 17 this year. Despite the marked differences in how the viruses operate (Ebola is far more deadly than coronavirus, and it is only transmitted through infected bodily fluids, while COVID-19 is believed to be transmitted through airborne droplets), there are many similarities in the range of public response, from denial that the disease is a problem to contact tracing and mandatory quarantining for people who have potentially contracted the illness.

The second largest Ebola outbreak in history may finally be over
The eventual containment of Ebola in the northeastern DRC reflected the value of an intensified vaccination campaign with an increased focus on community engagement aimed at easing suspicions about the efforts of government, international organizations, and health-care workers who were trying to end the spread of the virus.

What the West Can Learn From Africa’s Ebola Response
Those first days of the 2014 Ebola outbreak and Liberia’s response from that point on can offer important lessons to European and North American governments in light of the World Health Organization’s announcement that the new coronavirus is now a pandemic—and the evidence in rising caseloads from Madrid to London to New York. The Liberian government’s reaction to the crisis and the approach we took in Liberia could serve as a model for how Western countries, many of which are underprepared for a crisis of this magnitude, can respond.

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mistersirisaacnewton says:

I worked on the development of the EB3 therapy!!

ookami145 says:

Jesus humans should just stop messing with bats.

Doctor che3ze says:

I’m scared of Ebola

Twiper says:

the timing of this video is unfortunate. since this video was uploaded, there have been at least 4 new cases, including 2 deaths in a resurgence.

A Armstrong says:

We are living in a virus hell right now. We have eliminated some diseases in the past and I hope we can in the future.

KnightViper says:

LESS MUSIC VOLUME PLEASE! Sorry I had to yell so you would hear me over the music.

Lucky The pup says:

Literally nobody: ebola
The whole world: CORONAVIRUS

Organon says:

Bats ain't food, dudes.

Shriharsh Shendre says:

But there is a vaccine for ebola, why you s it still happening?

Felix Roy-L. says:

SPOT ON prediction! A case is confirmed in Congo

BigNewGames says:

If the corona virus is natural then why do scientists have patents on the different strains? Because they modify them! Now how is anyone able to discern between a natural occurring viruses and the ones that have been modified by humans? Naturally viruses cannot mutate by themselves to affect other species because they are not alive! They require host DNA to replicate. So a jump between species is impossible naturally. Thus this virus and every other virus that comes from animals like the bird flu, swine flu, corona, etc., had to of been modified by a human, mixed with the viruses that affect humans in order to jump between species. Those viruses and more should be considered man made biological weapons because they spread unnecessary death and fear!

Joshua Byrd says:

These outbreaks usually occur when someone contracts it from bat meat. Shut it down, and you'll prevent the outbreak from happening ever again. It's too risky.

Tim Temple says:

The communist Congo can lie, lie, lie, to kill numerous Negros, just like communist China lies to kill numerous capitalists.

Tony Marik says:

It's bats again! Stop eating bats!

Thomas de Oliveira says:

I think the last few years has taught us that we really need to get people to stop eating bats

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This videos tone is so offputting.

Julie says:

Every other virus seem to come from bats?! Let’s leave them alone

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So kill all bats 🤔🤔

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I don't think I like seeing old black and white video from god knows when, while they talk about new vaccines,🦠😷🤔😬.

Ed SR says:

My greatest fear is a terrorist attack using would be suicide “bombers”

Eric Liss says:

The book Hot Zone by Richard Preston is amazing read. The Ebola virus is hard to contain because of the beliefs of the locals. They avoid treatment. It’s actually easier to contain because if it’s mortality rate, as it generally kills before it can spread.

tracey adkins says:

Yeah. Years go by and we are STILL playing around with Ebola vaccine. Coronavirus vaccine might be like that.😯

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Godamn bats, just stay away from them and keep them away from your animals

Aspect Productions says:

Loved the video.

Aspect Productions says:

Nice video!

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The guy talks about ebola laughing. What a really funny topic…

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We didn't learn the lesson

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Okay….are these guys ACTUALLY happy about EBOLA …..

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