WHO Holds Briefing on Coronavirus and Ebola Outbreaks | LIVE | NowThis

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WHO ON CORONAVIRUS: The World Health Organization (WHO) is holding a press briefing on the coronavirus and Ebola outbreaks.
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Andom Tsegay says:

I love dr tedd he is so super smart man god bless you

Herne Webber says:

You couldn't edit off the first 28:30?

tonycns says:

Just waiting to hear that people killed by the corona virus are coming back to life.

Will City says:

1:11:47 Still praising China? How about "acknowledge" Taiwan for the dedication and tech to stop the virus? Tedros is using WHO to destroy the world.

Da Me says:

Maybe edit out the first 27 minutes or so of empty room.

Michel Dees says:

Why did China reprimand the 33 y/o doctor, who is now dead from the virus, for letting the world know about the virus on social media?

Zero Point is the New Way says:

1 / The incubation period for the new coronavirus would in fact be much longer: 24 days instead of 14 as the experts thought so far. If this information were to be confirmed, the quarantine period imposed today on patients should be extended.

2 / Fever is not a systematic symptom of the disease. 56% of the patients had no fever, less than 37.5 degrees when they arrived at the hospital. This could call into question the screening strategy currently in place.

3 / The virus could also be found in the stools of infected patients. The risk of infection could therefore be increased in all countries which do not have good hygienic conditions, in particular in their waste water disposal system.

living purgatory says:

They are so happy for Ch ina input -Why don't they show how they are rounding up the sick with their families and shooting them? LogicbeforeAuthority is showing the vid

society's says:

Moneymoneymoney.. money… money!!

living purgatory says:

Yeah – so get an even more inaccurate test than they already have.

living purgatory says:

Seems like too much pr B$! I think this should prove UN is worthless.

thnksno says:

How do you stop a billion Hong Kongese protesters from waiving US flags and cheering Trump?

Buy them a Corona!


The question is , "Is China capable of being both a life saver and a life denier? In other words, a nation chooses like a person, Humanitarian or Authoritarian…can't be both

SirRawLee TheWalrus says:

Americas Public Education has got to be the worst in the world know days. We're so f*cked I don't know if a Million Bernie Sanders could fix this situation. Ignorance, stupidity, misinformation and rhetoric are so deeply seeded in people we are doomed. 😞😢😥😭

Kaffeetrinker says:

The president said, the corona goes away … when he is in the room … maybe fake news … 🙄

nukezat says:

Starts @27:28

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