WHO experts head to Guinea after Marburg virus case

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The Marburg virus belongs to the same family as Ebola, and previous outbreaks have been reported in Angola, Congo, Kenya, South Africa, and Uganda

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Valley Coast Lawns says:

Look out for this new strain of BS!!!!!!!!

Thankful.kind797 says:

They failed to mention the bleed out during death. Read Hot Zone it's all about the Marbug virus

Toprod Marketing says:

Now they gonna tell us to wear full body suits

Toprod Marketing says:

They (WHO) should stay there. Dnt trust them. Next thing we going to hear is that its going to be the next pandemic

adam adam says:

yes there is ay problem to stop marburg stop eating fruit bat

John Connor says:


heru ramadhan says:

This virus coming from…….bat again
So yeah bat its virus spreading

They said

+Na_na says:

Will this virus spread to other countries ?

Franky Honnolus says:

Is this virus very contagious?

Ryan Campbell says:

To people freaking out about this: Marburg virus which causes MHD in humans is an extreme deadly disease that is transmitted through bodily fluids. This includes blood and semen. Individuals can also contract Marburg when they are around the reservoir: fruit bats. People mainly get infected when they handle the deceased during burials.

This outbreak might be a smaller version of the 2013-2016 West African Ebola epidemic. We will see

The virus is wayyyy harder to transmit than the current SARS Cov2 virus.

Source: I study public health.

L I B E R T À says:

I sure hope that the restrictions are good enough for the virus to be minimized..unlike covid.

TeddyJac Eddy says:

Wait til Shiva gets released.

Heidi Ebston says:

This will become a worldwide pandemic, just watch

Anesthesia says:

Another one
Dj khaleed

watchers says:

Hygiene is very important

John mar Sal says:

They are making a new virus again that will shock the world same symptoms of covid but they are change the name of covid to marburg see it's evolve. See another lockdown another making hungry human to put chaos in the nations of the

twoeagle86 says:

This kind of stuff irritates the hell outta me, why aren't we evolving with cures, treatments, and vaccines for these virus. These scientists are slacking big time, we're two steps far behind well viruses and diseases are evolving rapidly…smh

spirit within says:

They are trying to take their land for resources so they are killing Africans…. Wake up Africans no need for greed u live on precious land

PAY BACK # says:

taux de lethalité de ce virus entre 50 et 80 % !!!! on va tous crever cette foi bordel de merde !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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