WHO: Ebola serum available in West Africa within weeks WHO "내년 1월부터 서아프리카

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The World Health Organization says a series of new Ebola treatments will soon be sent to West Africa… as the death toll from the disease continues to rise.
With more, we turn to Paul Yi at the News Center.
Paul, the UN agency on Tuesday,… laid out a new battle plan in the fight against Ebola.
It says vaccine trials may begin in the worst-hit countries across West Africa as early as January.
That′s right.
The plan first involves supplying a special serum, made from the antibodies of surviving Ebola patients within the next few weeks.
Then a batch of experimental vaccines will hit the continent next year,… for what officials are calling “real-world” testing.
Our Connie Lee has the details.
A serum… made from the blood of patients who have recovered from Ebola could be available in Africa… within weeks.
According to the World Health Organization… the serum, which would contain Ebola antibodies, would first be sent to Liberia one of the worst-hit nations- to treat new victims of the virus.
Marie Paul Kieny of the WHO also said that a VACCINE could be ready by this January… to combat the outbreak that has already killed more than 45-hundred people.
This hopeful news comes amid some new restrictions in the United States.
The U.S. government announced Tuesday that… starting Wednesday… travelers to the U.S. coming from the nations of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone… must fly into one of five designated airports in the cities of Chicago, Atlanta, Washington, Newark, New Jersey and New York City.
All travelers, even U.S. citizens, who have spent time in any of the Ebola-stricken nations will go through an enhanced screening process for the virus.
People in the U.S. seem pleased about the new restrictions.
“I think that sounds like a good idea, because for those five designated airports, they can certainly set up the proper medical facilities…”
“That′s how you control it. Those are the people coming in. You know where they′re coming from…”
So far, three people have been diagnosed with Ebola on U.S. soil, two of them health care workers.
Connie Lee, Arirang News.


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