WHO: Ebola outbreak – Interview at "World Health +SocialGood"

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Dr. David Nabarro, UN Special Envoy on Ebola, was interviewed on 20th of May during the World Health Assembly 2015, as part of the webcast entitled “World Health +SocialGood”.


Denis Brown says:

Regardless of retrospective analysis of what lessons could be learnt, should be learnt one very damning fact was how badly the W.H.O was in it's preparedness, it's response and it's capabilities. 

This isn't an exercise in blame, as that would be counterproductive. This is about putting one's hand up and saying "Hey look we got it wrong BIG Time" and taking it on the chin, fortunate for the rest of the world we got away with it this time. What we don't want is to ever see a repeat. 

If there was an investigation to take place heads would roll, and we all know that but again like I've said this is not about that. This is about putting in place and uptil now we thought we had, something that was built for purpose! and clearly it demonstrated it was not and in fact it had glaring holes in it. 

Honestly and I'm speaking for myself, I have "No Confidence" in the W.H.O. after the handling of the Ebola Outbreak of December 2014 and it's ability that it displayed throughout the outbreak.

I would like to see all World Leaders ,Presidents, Kings and Queens, Prime Ministers/Ministers Heads of State agree to the creation of a "Fit for Purpose" fully funded, fully equipped rapid response team that has the fluidity, functionality and resources that it needs to tackle not just an "Outbreak" but multiple with locations covering the globe. 

We are a Global People and taking that into account which presented a series of hazards no one was expecting to have to deal with brought home the truth that it's not just about location, or people, or Religions, traditions etc, it's everything that has to be taken into consideration. 

Like I've said the W.H.O got caught out with it's pants down so to speak, yes it was embarrassing, yes they had gone in a little naively, but now lessons have been learnt. What remains is those holding the power, or the purse strings go back to the drawing board and see to it that what they build next is fit for purpose and only time and responding to crises in the future will be the test of that.

What it will take is literally an army of Doctors, Nurses, Care Workers etc… and what we most seriously need to put into place is the training to ensure that we have a constant supply of those, because we took a huge hit in this last outbreak.

I would love to spearhead such a formidable team, but it's not going to be the brainchild of one, but the collective of many who have the insight that it needs to ensure that what is created is going to best serve and protect Mankind for a very long time.

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