WHO confirms new outbreak of Ebola virus disease in Congo

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Health Minister Eteni Longondo said four people who died in Mbandaka had tested positive at the national biomedical laboratory in the capital Kinshasa. ‘We have a new Ebola epidemic in Mbandaka,’ Longondo told reporters. ‘We are going to very quickly send them the vaccine and medicine.’ The outbreak was confirmed by World Health Organization chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who tweeted: ‘This outbreak is a reminder that #COVID19 is not the only health threat people face.’

Original Article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8377079/New-Ebola-epidemic-declared-DR-Congo-hundreds-miles-countrys-ongoing-outbreak.html
Original Video: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/ebola/video-2183178/Video-confirms-new-outbreak-Ebola-virus-disease-Congo.html

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und3rgr0undfr34k says:

WHO is one fckup org. These fucks needs to be fired.

Abdul Jafary says:

In UK when patient go to hospital for coronavirus cases he or she no chance to back alive uk hospital are dead 💀 place

str ardana says:

No one :


str ardana says:

Corona vs Ebola would be lit

Robbie Southern says:

CCP = Chinese Corruption Party
CCP = Communist Corruption Party

Skaistė Rutkauskaitė says:

2020 is the worst year plus june just started >:c

Anna Hajas says:

Nice Ebola now, covid what else lol

Bonnie Gaming6 says:

i wounder what the people on the space station are thinking?

Experiment Time says:

Guys I’m not joking but it could be the end for thrnworld

Carla Broderick says:

DR Congo should channel all funds into suppressing bush meat trade

Spurs4life! says:

Surely it won't spread quickly. At least Ebola is 45% more harder to spread than Corona. And Congo should go on lockdown right away

Toby Craig says:

this is what china should of done and announce that there has been an outbreak

Rakasiwiii fiddihaq says:

When corona not enough to scare people
*relase ebola

red banner 25 says:

Everyone watching US riot


Covid-19:We rekt america and italy and china and brazil

Ebola:We rekt africa and become nightmare for many country

Covid 19:so if we mutate together we become stronger


Covid 19:it a agreement by july we mutated together

Ioan Ioan says:

In the world people are lousing lives from different wiruses in largely scale that of Corona virus.

Ioan Ioan says:

Mister you and the hole World Health Organisation it’s geast a Biggest Liars on the hole World! You have already been stepping out from the principles the WHO had in the past, by misleading the people in the, hole World! You like an organisation of Health are imposing your own laws and presumably you know better, that dis disease is greater danger and for that’s we the people, we have to be locked dawn in the homes! Like a big prison! We are free people and we don’t answer to you! Our countries have their own constitutional sistem. We have not need of your tirany! Disiper

Tiago Gomes says:

He can't even lie properly anymore. You can feel the fear in is voice.

Du_ux says:


andy jack says:

perfect storm is brewing. Ebola/covid-19 and the anti-vaxers have even made measles dangerous.

edgehill66 says:

They keep trying, and they keep failing. Let's see how this attempt goes. They should know by know that what goes around…

R2DLee says:

sorry did he just casually slide in that the worlds largest measels outbreak at the end ? yeah because thats not something we should hear more about

munish sharma says:


Kezza1405 says:

Who else predicted Ebola would make a timely return seeing as the corona pandemic was a farce? Hands up for total corruption, deception and downright foul play on the part of WHO 🙌

David Jacobs says:

ask China for help, don't come to USA.

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