WHO confirms new Ebola case in Congo days ahead of epidemic's expected end

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After 52 days going without an infection, a new case of Ebola has reported in Democratic Republic of the Congo, just days ahead the epidemic was expected to be declared to be over in the African country by the World Health Organization (WHO), confirmed the world health body.


QBee Bee says:

Because Africa refused covid 19 vaccine so it was revived from the lab

Rc singh says:

क्या क्या खाते रहते हो सनातनी बन जाओ सब पापो से मुक्ति पाओ

sonu Bhatt says:


Amol Kanitkar says:

WHO is a stooge of China. Also this not a corona virus but this is a china virus
COVID 19 means Chinese Origin Virus Initiated Disease 2019
WHO means Wuhan Health Organization

Rakesh Choudhari says:

कृपया डब्ल्यूएचओ को खत्म करो।

tiger khan says:

he needed to be hanged

Tom says:

nice content you deserve more views

jam pam says:

He must be hang for millions people killed.. 😈

Maya Devi says:

WHOghatiya bikau h 🐶

Prem S says:


Uday Joshi says:

When itis found

Debu Prasad1997 says:

Nigaa sala..

Red rose Rose says:

Who ko khatm karye duniya

Santosh kumar Patra says:

ab ye afwa koun fela rahe pakistan bharat se hydroxychloroquine isliye nehi mang rahe q ki iska spelling nehi aata😂😂😂🤪🤪🤪

Suraj patil says:

WHO is puppets of china

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