What’s Happening With Ebola Epidemic?

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Can’t count on the news to tell us now that there aren’t Americans contracting it. Check Me Out! www.youtube.com/TaintedLiberal www.twitter.com/TaintedLiberal www.tumblr.com/TaintedLiberal…


The Breakfast Club says:

What’s Happening With Ebola Epidemic?

Analytical Atheist says:

Anyone remember the Senegal water shortage, and how the media didn’t cover

Steve Shives says:

Breakfast Club Part III: This Time It’s Amelial. (Like instead of “This
Time It’s Personal”? I was doing a thing . . .)

Harmony The Sylph says:

10,000 people die of Ebola in Africa…tumbleweed
2 people sneeze in the US…PANIC!!!

Sara Henya says:

Great topic. I’m glad you talked about this.

kant says:

Good point. I for one did completely forget Ebola was a thing..

Walter White says:

I watched the numbers posted by the CDC regularly each week when the
epidemic first happened, and it seemed scary as the numbers climbed
quickly. Then as action was taken the numbers slowed down, and soon it was
apparent none of the terrible scenarios of a million deaths were going to
happen. Currently, the total deaths are less than 11,000, which is much
less than the normal deaths from things like malaria.

practicalmagic9 says:

It’s very important to keep shining the light on this disease because we
need to find a cure (if not a vaccine) for it. That’s what oils the wheels
of progress. I thought it was kind of crappy that it seems what it took for
more people here to demand a cure was for Americans to be at risk.

Adolf Himmler says:

Mark the day man I wanna see this world end. I pray to Ebolachan and did a
blood ritual to show I’m a slave to my sin.

Funny thing is I drew a swastica in blood on a map of India and there was a
guy that got sick there.

thethegreenmachine says:

I bet we’re no longer making sure our hospital staffs can handle it either.

Lida Hall says:

I’m sure that in Australia we would have been hearing more about Ebola in
the media (especially as a Canberra healthcare worker was admitted to
hospital with suspect symptoms after returning from West Africa on
Thursday) were it not for the jingoistic fervor surrounding ANZAC Day and
the lead-up to the Centenary thereof…

awesomedux says:

Its so frustrating that the 24 hour news cycle runs its course so quickly,
they’re basically encouraged to spout bullshit to generate larger viewer
ship in the short term, which REALLY damages the real situation through
misinformation and generally being forgotten about when they run out of
hypothetical apocalypse scenarios

216trixie says:

Noisy kitty.

jmm1233 says:

it not just ebola thats increasing in sri leone it seems because of ebola

Zachary Amaranth says:

Ebola? You mean that thing that we stopped caring about when it was no
longer politically convenient to blame Obama?

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